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Instructor Mike Ballard is the owner and of Anaco Fitness.  Mr. Ballard, a black belt in Hung Gar Kung Fu has taught martial arts for fitness and competition since 1984.  He began teaching Kung Fu and kickboxing at Ballou High School Football Stadium in Washington, DC during spring and summer months from 1984 to 1995.
In 1996, Mr. Ballard became the kickboxing instructor at Finley's Boxing Club , where he taught competitive kickboxing and self-defense.  In 1998, he left Finley's Boxing Club to start Capitol Kickboxing School in Temple Hills, Maryland, where he instructed boxing, kickboxing and fitness programs for adults and children until the end of 2002.
Mike Ballard has produced ten local, regional, national and international champions.  Instructor Ballard won the 1994 40 and Over USA Wushu-Kung fu Heavyweight Sparring Champions in Baltimore, Maryland.  In the same year he placed second in the 40 and Over division in Everhart's Tri State Karate Championships.  In the following year, he participated in the USA Wushu Kung Fu National Sanshou Championship in Baltimore, Maryland in 1995.
Mr. Ballard has been certified since April 15, 1999 by The United States Martial Arts Association and Educational Funding Company as an Exec-U-Fit Personal Training Instructor. 
He has received certification from The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Specialist In Martial Arts Conditioning since May 1, 2007. Completed instructor training at Bally's Total Fitness' BFit University July 27, 2007 and Bally's Foundation Exam in September 15, 2007.