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Kickboxing and Fitness Resume of Michael S. Ballard


Objectives-My objectives are to educate the public on the benefits of a long and productive life through the practice of good nutrition, fitness and the discipline of the use of the fighting arts.


Strengths-My strengths are the implementation of dynamic programs that will build and enhance a person’s mental and physical well being to endure life’s daily challenges, creating programs that enhances physical, mental, and endurance conditioning as part of their daily routine. 


6/19/08-08/19/12 Personal and Small Group Training-Self Employed for the Summer. Trained clients in General Fitness and Fitness Boxing.  Evening sessions with emphasis on weight management, improved tone, symmetry, strength development, flexibility, diet, coordination and stamina. Ballou High School Football Stadium, 3401 Fourth Street SE, Washington, DC 20032.


8/1/07 to 12/30/07-Fitness and Martial Arts Trainer.  Trainer employed at Bally’s Total Fitness, 2000 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20036.  I offer personal and small group training in Weight Control Management, Muscular Development, Nutrition Counseling, Boxing and Kickboxing Skills, Strategies and Tactics; Boxing Fitness, Kung Fu, Common Sense Self Defense and Fitness@50 Mature Fitness Program.



1/3/05-3/31/05-Kickboxing Instructor in personal training program for fitness and competitive kickboxing.  Training held at Old School Boxing in Clinton, Maryland.


7/21/03-5/21/04-Kickboxing and Fitness Instructor at Trinity College in Washington, DC.  Lead group fitness classes in Cardio Kickboxing and Gutts & Butts lower body development..  Personal training in boxing and kickboxing for self defense and competition.  Online personal fitness training in weight loss, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.  The website address is


1/1/98-12/1/02-Owned and operated Capitol Kickboxing School, 4927 Beech Road in Temple Hills, Maryland.  Capitol Kickboxing School offered boxing, kickboxing, and self-defense and fitness programs for adults and children.  Programs that were offered to adults were Black Belt Kickboxing, Sparring Strategies and Tactics, cardio kickboxing, cardio boxing, yoga, Pilates, Rebounding, Butts and Gutts, Boxerama Boxercise Fitness (Cardio Program), and Weights and Resistance.


Personal training was offered in kickboxing and the weight loss programs also.  There were monthly weight loss and fitness competitions to keep students motivated.  Prizes were awarded to the students and students who showed the most progression that month.  Adults also participated in light contact sparring.  There were a variety of sparring drills that they participated in; such as ghost or non-contact sparring, kick sparring, one hand sparring, etc.  Full contact sparring was done on a personal training basis.  They also participated in developmental seminars and tournaments outside the school. Adult students enjoyed spectating kickboxing entertainment at area clubs, which was offered to them at a discount by area fight promoters.


Childrens programs consisted of Black Belt Kickboxing in the afternoon in the After School Martial Arts Program, evening and Saturday.  Each semester and summer, there was a weekly developmental competition that lasted 4-6 weeks.  Winners would receive medals and trophies.  Children also participated in arts and crafts, trips, birthday parties, holiday parties, magic shows, and spring and summer camps.  There were numerous fitness games and drills for them along with occasional sleepovers.  Children also participated in competition outside of Capitol Kickboxing School.


During the schools tenure, I trained and developed 9 teen and adult champions on a local, national and international level.  They are:


National and International

  • Ndaba-Resides in Washington, DC.  Runner-up champion in the International Kuosho (Chinese Wrestling and Kickboxing) Championships in Towson, Maryland in 1999.
  • Ngosi Massan-Resides in Washington, DC.  Washington, DCs Womens Mayors Cup Boxing 132lb Amateur Champion in 1997, 1998 and 1999.   Runner-up champion in the United States AAU Womens Boxing Championships at 132lbs., Los Angeles, California 1999.  Fight broadcasted nationally on ESPN.


  • Rhonda Wright-Resides in Washington, DC.  Won United States Wushu-Kung Fu Womens Heavyweight Sparring Championship, Region 2.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2000.
  • Tom Bonier-Resides in Washington, DC.  Won United States Wushu-Kung Fu Mens Middleweight Sparring Championship, Region 2.  Essex, Maryland 1998
  • Leilani Eleccion-Resides in Fairfax, Virginia.  Won United States Marine Corps. Regimental Boxing     Championships.  Womens Division 105lbs.  Parris Island, South Carolina. 1998



        Ndaba-Winner of Joe Coopers Developmental Full Contact Tournament, Mens Middleweight Sparring. Alexandria, Virginia. 1998

        Rashaan Jackson-Resides in Landover, Maryland.  Winner of Joe Coopers Developmental Full Contact Tournament, Mens Heavyweight Sparring, Alexandria, Virginia. 1998

        Glenda Foster-Resides in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  Winner of Joe Coopers Developmental Full Contact Tournament, Womens Heavyweight Sparring.  Alexandria, Virginia 1998

        Joshua Garner-Resides in Oxon Hill, Maryland.  Winner of Robert Everharts Kenpo Karate Youth Tournament.  Won heavyweight continuous sparring.    New Carrollton, Maryland, April 2001.  Runner-up Nativity Catholic Church Karate Tournament, Teen Division Heavyweight Sparring.  Washington, DC August 2001.

        Gysai Barton-Resides in Washington, DC.  Runner-up Robert Everharts Kenpo Karate Youth Tournament.  Lightweight continuous sparring. New Carrollton, Maryland.   2001.


5/96-11/97 Kickboxing instructor in a professional boxing club, Finleys Boxing Club. Taught boxing and kickboxing in personal training, small groups and classes.  Varied conditioning workouts from medicine ball, calisthenics, light and heavy bag work and weekend in-house sparring competitions.


Most notable student, Allen Boogaloo Watts; World Boxing Council # 4 Ranked Welterweight contender.   United States Intercontinental Welterweight Champion, 1997.


5/84-8/96-Kickboxing & Kung Fu Instructor at Ballou Senior High School Football Stadium.