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Personal Training Proposal To The Trinity Center


By Mike Ballard, Gutts & Butts Instructor, The Trinity Center

Objective-The objective is to start a personal training program at the Trinity Center. The program is aimed at attracting the upper income client that is looking for private or semi private training for the purpose of weight loss maintenance, nutrition counseling, flexibility, strength enhancement, endurance training, stress management and self defense enlightenment. This program will be a one and a half hour program, which will meet two or three days a week depending on the availability of space and schedules at the Trinity Center

The Personal Training Program-The program will be title The Fitness SuperSession. It will be directed towards the client that is looking for more than a casual group-training program. This program will be tailored for the client who wants serious weight management, nutrition counseling, flexibility training, strength development, endurance training and self defense enlightenment. It will offer more than just exercise; the members of the program will be introduced to special guest trainers in seminars for an additional fee; in the areas of nutrition, self-defense, bodybuilding, etc.

Clients will have access to my fitness website, Anaco Fitness Online,, free of charge. They will have their own web page, in which they will communicate with me, have access to an online fitness nutrition center with calorie counters, recipes, USDA nutrition information, online training logs, make appointments online, email, receive training exercises online, and receive fitness handouts and industry news from industry fitness leaders.

The special seminars may be held at the Trinity Center or other locations. Non-members may be invited to some seminars and other seminars will be exclusive to members only. The seminars will have additional fees.

Fitness Insurance-Insurance will be purchase from the National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association. A policy of $1,000,000 will be purchase in compliance with The Trinity Center and fitness industry standards.

Resume-My resume can be viewed and downloaded on the web at


Location-The Trinity Center location is ideal because of its proximity to downtown Washington; where there is an abundance of private and government professionals who are interested in personal training programs. Some command high-income salaries which makes them eligible for a program as this one.

The Trinity Center is near main commuter streets such as Michigan Avenue, North Capital Street, Fourth Street, which accommodate daily commuter traffic of approximately 500,000 cars daily. The center is on main bus routes and approximately 4-5 blocks from Catholic University Metro Subway station.

Promotion and Marketing-Promoting and marketing the SuperSession Personal Training program will be by the use of flyers and targeted mailings in upscale neighborhoods in Washington, DC and the surrounding counties. Mailings will be targeted to individuals earning a minimum of $60,000.

Equipment-The SuperSession Personal Training Program will use equipment in the Trinity Centers Weight Room, the walking track, elastic exercise bands by Spri Fitness Products or Century Martial Arts Products, whoever offers the best deal. At the beginning of the program, there will be at least one standing heavy bag for punching and kicking and at least one Cobra Reflex Bag for punching. Punching mitts will be used for close contact training and mats for floor workouts. A boxing combo pack containing jump rope, punching gloves and hand wraps will be purchased by the clients from RevGear Kickboxing and Fitness. A portable timer will also be used. The timer will be purchased from Ringside Boxing Equipment. Kickboxing training will be non-contact.

Fees-I am requesting that a training fee of 25% of the clients tuition be paid to The Trinity Center. I am asking for this rate because of the cost of startup. I am hoping to start with a minimum of six clients and I am confident more people will join as the program grows.

The estimate cost payments by clients will look like this:

Six clients paying $70.00 per session will be $420.00. Three sessions per week will total $1,260.00. One month of sessions will total $5,040.00. The Trinity Centers portion will be $1,260.00. My portion will be $3,780.00. Of course, the figures will increase as the program grows.

Clients will pay on a bi-weekly or monthly. This program will start as a six-month commitment. Clients will receive a 10% discount for referring their friends and training with their friends. They will be signed to a contract. Clients will pay by cash, check, or money order and via the Internet by PayPal. Payments will be paid to Mike Ballard.

Conclusion-I believe this program will be an asset to The Trinity Center. Please call me at 202-562-7681 and tell me what you think, any suggestions or modifications will be welcomed.